User Feedback Form for the FT Business School Rankings Profiler (beta)

Thanks for clicking through to our feedback form.  Your comments will help us improve the Profiler.

1. How appropriate are the current Profiler criteria?  Would you suggest any other criteria to be included?
Current Profiler criteria Other criteria suggestions
1 = Not appropriate 2 3 4 5 = Highly appropriate
About you (birth date, residence, position, industry, salary)
About your proposed programme (course type, location, school, duration, start date)
About your future career (country, sector, position)
Programming costs (fees, loan repayment, interest)

2. On the scale below, how useful and clear would you rate the Profiler comparison graphics and statistics?
1 = Not at all 2 3 4 5 = Extremely

3. Would you suggest any enhancements to the comparison graphics and statistics?

4. Please indicate your agreement with the following statements about the Profiler:

Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Neither Somewhat agree Strongly agree
It was made clear that the Profiler data are derived from feedback from over 50,000 alumni.
It could be made clearer that the Profiler data are derived from feedback from over 50,000 alumni.
I think the Profiler data are more compelling because they come from alumni.
I think the Profiler data are not credible because they come from alumni.

5. We are thinking about adding more detailed analysis tools to the Profiler, to enable comparison of schools and the career progress of their alumnui against a further set of criteria.

Which of the following indicators would be useful for such a comparision:

Industry/sector of employment before programme
Industry/sector of employment after programme
Job position before programme
Job position after programme
Salary before programme
Salary after programme
International mobility of alumni
Other, please state 
Such comparision would not be useful

6. Did you encounter any technical difficulties while using the Profiler?

7. Do you have any other suggestions for how we can make the Profiler a more useful tool?

Thank you very much for your feedback!